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Amy Robichaud – Principal

Amy specializes in diversity & inclusion policy, fund development & advancement strategy, including persuasion campaign planning and management. With a decade of experience she helps organizations advance their ideas, revenue and diversity goals through policy and practice as Principal at AR Inclusive Strategy & Advancement

Amy is the former Director of Partnership & Engagement for Minerva BC, the cofounder of FundHer.ca – a cross-partisan fundraising solution for women political candidates in the 2011 Ontario provincial election, and the 2009 winner of the CBC’s Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister. She has appeared on CBC, CPAC, and german broadcaster ZDF and spoken to groups such as the Canada School of Public Service and Elections Canada  about women in politics, implicit bias, and civic engagement. 

Amy and her husband have lived all over Canada but happily call Vancouver home. Her passion for practical ways to harness the diversity dividend, create economic inclusion, opportunity and prosperity for all inform everything she does. She is currently working on a proprietary auditing framework to apply a maturity model to the hard and soft policies that govern inclusive behaviour within organizations. 

Amy Sunrise at Kits 17

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Television Appearances:

* Power & Politics With Evan Solomon – September 5th, 2011: “Launch of FundHer.ca”
* Goldhawk Live – September 27th, 2009: “Our Democracy is broken – how do we fix it?
* CBC’s Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister: 2009

Other Presentations:

  • Finding the Salt in the Water: The Impacts of Implicit Bias and Solving for it at Summer Caucus Retreat, Liberal Party of Canada, 2017
  • Managing Diversity of the Win at Liberal Party of Canada in BC Campaign Colleges in Coquitlam and Nanaimo,  April & June 2017
  • What Now?: Reflections from the Other Side of Falling Apart” at Young Women in Business, August 2017
  • Gender Based Analysis + and Implicit Bias for the Canada School of Public Service, November 2016
  • Civic Leadership & Citizenship at the 2011 & 2012 National 4H Citizenship Conferences
  • Inter-generational leadership at 2010 Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada Symposium
  • Keynote at Equal Voice’s 2009 general meeting

Quips & Quotes:

“Wear comfortable shoes, always carry an extra pair of pantyhose, embrace the camaraderie of other women in your field, and have someone who loves you unconditionally on speed dial. Also, women look at the world differently – always remember that this is an asset to you.”

“No plan survives first contact with reality.”